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There i stood,woolgathering,star gazing,dreaming,destitute of any thought.Hair flying back.Few strands flirting with my eyes.‘Choti si asha’ playing in my mind. No it was’nt a dream.Very actual.

A fantasy I was living.A fantasy only to be broken by what i call the ‘call of reality’: * Chala chala aath chala

Location:Footboard of the B.E.S.T  bus entrance.

It happens always.I enter the bus.My eyes to be greeted by a bus herded with human bodies.I prefer to stand on the footstand.Eyes shut.Face against the wind.Only to be called into the ‘real world’.The world inside the Bus.A metonym for the larger world outside.The conductor in his blaring voice:*Chala Chala Aath Chala*(Get in quick).I enter with utmost reluctance.Squeez my lanky body through the crowd.It’s really strange as to how various occurents inside can teach you.Describing a few.

It’s slightly unusual.The crowd behaviour.The crowd pattern really depicts as to how unpredictable our life is.For a moment i was standing on one foot,struggling to find place for the other and the very next stop the bus is empty!And a few stops later people rushing in again.Unpredictability at it’s best!

I moved ahead.Searching for potential ‘Next-Stop’ Passengers.Passengers who would get off the vehicle leaving me a place to sit.I had another 5-6 stops before i could leave.Saw some movement 3 seats ahead from where i was.Hurried up there,only to realize the person got up to adjust his pant.Thouroughly dissapointed,I shifted place in hope of finding a place.

I was now near the ‘Striyasathi(for the ladies)‘ seats.I’ve never understood why that particular reservation for ladies exist.No offense but we live in an era where  we atleast claim that women match steps with men.Every field.Everywhere.I find it really hypocritical,such reservations.This para misght really be suggestive of some disdain but all I’m trying to say is why sympathize and worsen things for them?Someone recently said that women happen to be the most ‘Enterprising Species’ and I second that!Trust me you need no reservations anywhere! Reservations are meant for the weak.Not for the Strong.And i believe women are strong enough where it matters.

Moving on,i sensed this North-Eastern ‘Hiro-Nakamura-looking’ guy staring at me for long.Hoping he would come up to me with a ‘Save-the-cheerleader-save-the-world’.It’s pretty strange to be looking at your own countryman with novelty.I remember going down south to Andhra-Pradesh and having to use sign language to be able to perform basic communication.Imagine feeling alien in you’r own land.I’ve always looked India as a blend of many countries.And I consider that as a big positive.

Still scouring around in search of place to sit.Unsucessful.Have probably moved around every seat by now and was marvelled by this partcular observation.I have no liking for this color called Pink,to say the least.Atleast not for an attire.It was storming to learn that I probably was part of a very small minority who were of the same opinion! Do this thing for me.The next time you travel just notice the amount of Pink around you.You’d be baffled.It really thought me that my opinions are solely mine and generalizing them would be a blunder.Not everyone thinks alike.Do not write-off anything or anyone.

I came across two couples.One sitting on the same seat, yet hardly talking.Another couple with each partner on different seats yet trying their best to communicate, with occasional smiles & hand gestures.It so happens that we may not know our neighbor next door but probably know someone who we meet in the train everyday.Strange yet true.

I’d observed enough by now.Time had arrived to get down.And I learnt perhaps the most important lesson of my life once I stepped down.I never managed to get a seat, yet managing the journey with no complaints.I wondered what kept me going.The answer we all know.

Hope is a good thing.Probably the best of things.The conductor never sat too.But there is a huge difference between him and me.The conductor could’nt have sat even if a seat were to be empty for a passenger is given priority.He was devoid of any kind of hope.Imagine yourself inside a crowded bus and knowing that you ain’t gonna be able to sit for the rest of your journey.

Fortunately or Unfortunately there is a *Chala Chala Aath Chala* to happen with everyone.The time of the call varies.We all have to face the world.The real one.The one with bigger assignments.Harsh Practical implementations.No proxies.Just You and the World.

I’m waiting for mine.Have you got it yet?

PS:This image kinda changed my perception of the real world.




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