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 I always aspired to own Ray Ban aviators.One with a golden frame to be precise.However when the time arrived I settled for a Mirrored lens Aviator.The significance of me having compromised is explained later in this read.One of my cousins,residing in Calicut,Kerala owned a Golden Frame.Submitting to the temptation,during his recent visit to Bombay,I chanced upon the opportunity and got my Mirrored lens Aviator exchanged with his Golden frame.Although I had to confront some severe criticism on the exchange, I was never really keen on getting my original back until probably my cousin made his next visit to the city which was not in the near future.I moved on.

Now this anecdote comes from just a few days before I left for Kerala this vaccation.I was to mention of it on my blog too but then but my departure for kerala and the preparation for the trip barred me from doing so.

I was en route Bandra and inside the BEST bus.After a few minutes of standing,I managed a seat.My fellow traveller seemed to be a typical Middle-aged Gujju stock market dealer equipped with 2 mobile phones one being a Chinese make.A few more minutes into the journey,I plugged in for some Music.Songs played.Songs changed. Time fleeted.However there seemed to be something fascinatingly different when this particular song played.I was ceased by the man and an earnest appeal from the man followed.He politely asked me to ‘Bluetooth’ the song to him.I pleasantly gave in to his desire.This gave way to an interaction with him that I now will cherish for eternity.A result of this interaction had now further strenghtened my resolve to get my Aviators back from the cousin.

The trip was to be covered by road and it was our own car that was to do the job so I could afford to convince my parents into a brief halt at Calicut.Denied at first,I was promised a halt during our return from Kerala.I now had to wait a litttle more for claim over the Aviators.There was this inexpicable restlesness that accompanied.

The time had finally arrived.I had it back.

Song of transfer in the BEST bus:We are the world, Michael Jackson.

Date of  re-claim over Aviators: 25th June 2009 05:00.

As a reader you may definitely find the match in his time of death and my re-claim over the Aviators a mere stupid co-incidence.But it meant a lot more to me.My decision to compromise for a Mirrored lens was purely because Jacko wore them too.

It was pretty obvious that the Gujju man in the BEST was oblivious to western music or western culture as a whole which was quite suggestive during my interaction with him. However, for him to know so much about Jacko and to see the zest and passion with which he spoke about the 1996 concert and his craze during Thriller time made me just another drop in the ocean. I was determined to play my part too.I was to get my Mirrored lens back.

Though I retained my symbol of love for the man the man had gone for good . I was to face an end later in the evening.End of a part of me.This at the expense of sounding overtly dramatic, I hereby admit to have fervently cried after the news broke.A first in a vast period of time.There seemed to suddenly have conjured this big void,not only in my life,a huge void in general.

I have always loved people.A lot of them.I maintain my very own list of Great people around.The only breathing person who featured in my list of Greatest Humans to have ever stepped this Planet ain’t breathing anymore.I have always been subject of light hearted ridicule at home and outside for being thin.It never dettered me though.Not a bit.I had consolation in the form of Jacko.I knew JAcko was thin and the most popular guy on earth too.He was black too.And he changed.I was convinced I could whiten too!for which my mom said I required as much money as him which she feared I or rather any person could never attain.

In a nation to see even your neigboring state Superstar to hardly make an influence on you,Jacko achieved the unattainable.His unparalleled renown shattered all boundaries.All borders.All races. Even today we witness Jackson look-alike contests and almost every dance Reality show hosts a Jackson theme.Such an influence he had that too on a nation miles away.I wouldn’t be wrong in stating that Jackson unknowingly played a role in evolving Bollywood dance sequences from its primitive.

I can without any deliberating put him in the same ranks as Gandhi  and Einstein in terms of the influence he had on the world. Jacko was perhaps ‘Earth’s  first superstar’  from the entertainment world.

As a child Jackson’s Heal the world was a regular in my School assemblies.They don’t care about us,Earth Song,Black or white,The way you make me feel have all been transforming elements.

The thing about such profound men are that their immenseness should ideally shadow their other doings.Gandhi is never known for his unjust treatment of his wife and children.However in the case of Jackson it seemed otherwise and it is the magnitude of his fame that is to blame.

It is difficult to imagine the one gloved man with a fringe ,Mirrored glass and an energy to kill shall no more exist in flesh and blood.

 Every being is made with a purpose.The supreme made Jackson with an intention to heal.To join.Which he did,like none other.

Perhaps God wanted him back and selfishly so.

May your tales of fascination Moonwalk itself into eternity.



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Random scribblings from sporadic musings.Initially reluctant to post them but then this one served draught to my long awaiting blog.

1-I am recklessly unscrupulous about borrowing and Spending/Lending money.I consider it highly inconsequential.

2-I can never regret having spent time on People,Rain and Cricket.I consider them highly essential.

3-You are much more interesting than you think you are.

4-I am finally convinced that Non-Vegetarianism is anti-nature.

5-Man dangerously depends on knowledge.Religion is interseting and essential for it deals with wisdom.

6-The supreme in his experiment with the creation of man may infer negative conclusions.I so wish I could prove otherwise.

7-Man was never anyone’s responsibility nor is he responsible for anyone else.

8-I authentically love too many people.It’s unfortunate I cannot.

9-The good hearted can thrive on their gut feel.It’s only the ill-hearted that need to use the brain.

Have a lot more conventionally appealing topics to write on.Thank you for reading if you’ve reached here. 🙂

Beautiful Planet Earth

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