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24 Minutes…

This one came just 24 minutes before ‘you-will-soon-figure-out-yourself”(I hope atleast :-p).Directly ‘Copy-Pasted’ from my Personal Diary cum work diary cum Bingo book-cum  cum Bollywood book.It reads..

24 minutes and the beats go high

24 minutes I hope there is no sigh

24 minutes I do not wanna lie

24 minutes I feel I’l die

24 minutes that feel so long

24 minutes Can write an entire song

24 minutes the two letters I dread

24 minutes ‘Dont worry’ they said

24 minutes I feel so numb

24 minutes decides if at all I am dumb

24 minutes I hope Goodness Rains

Just so I do not write another nervous 24 Minutes again…


Stupid.Perfect example of what circumstances drive you into.

PS:For the handful regular readers(Which includes my dhobi wallah who can barely read yet is forced into reading my blog just so my hits increase and My ego is pampered,also my Grandmom who is yet to figure out what a blog means) This is probably my first and last attempt at anything poetic.Peace.

I also wonder if my fellow classmates would react equally if a hot blonde were to be in the campus.Bloody geeks.:-p



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