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Wear Purpose

Some serious musing helped me ascertain that The only thing the human manages to find purpose in, is Sex.Unfortunately though.Its not because there is lack of any but ostensibly because we fail to see them.

Now Imagine a South Indian working class who left home minus dabba.He goes to a restaurant for lunch.He’d rather order for anything but South Indian food to simply add more purpose to his visit by trying some other cuisine.

Adding purpose to everything we do helps in living a meaningful life as a whole.Seriously.Imagine something as basic as your attire.Now clothing in daily life is primarily done with the intention to cover.It doesn’t take a Manish Malhotra to ‘purposify’ your attire.Have we ever given serious thought to what we wear?

No.Do this thing for me.Just make an attempt to read everything written(if at all any) on T-shirts around you.I’v been doing this for some while now and have questions to be answered.Why would anyone buy anything with the followng written on them.These are actual T-shirt reads.

1-Blah Blah..Established in 1842(Is it that you want to remind me of what brand my Grandpa’s Dad wore?)

2-Project Sports Mutiny.(????!!!!)

3-I (A heart in Red) New York.(I seriosuly doubt the person traveled anywhere beyond Virar)

And the best of them all..

4-Ringtone mania(Yes I did manage to see someone wearing something with this written on it)

I managed asking someone as to what made him wear a Shirt with practically Bulls**t written on it.’It looks good’ came an answer.If writing stuff on a shirt makes it look good then rather have something purposeful written on it.

Dhan te Nan came the idea of annanymous T-shirts.No I’m doing no good to Human Welfare.Neither am I here to teach fashion(I still havent been pardoned for wearing the fluoroscent Green T-shirt).Adding purpose to what you wear.does no harm.It makes so much sense to wear yourself.To relate with what you wear.It is like a blog.You relate to what you write and you event comment on posts you relate with.If you can do that with a blog,Why leave behind what you wear?

Have a purpose beyond Sex 🙂

AnnanymousT-shirts.Don’t worry about the price.Much lesser than any average ‘Ringtone Mania’ T-shirts. Share holders of Satyam can afford to buy too.Started of with something I relate with and am sure most of the blog’s readers relate with too…Engineering…Presenting Engineering theme T-shirts…Tada…

T-Shirt 1:

40Rs 229/- only

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