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Seekha! Na Na Na Na Na re Na re Na re…

Yes I have officially lost even the slightest bit of sense that found place behind that ambitious pony tail.This is what a 8 day Snow Yatra with 180+ Photograph crazy people on board can do to you.Listing conclusions that came from it.

1-Mumbai University ain’t as bad it is made to be.We at IEEE owe a lot to the great body.If not for their last minute postponement of FE Mechanical exams, another addition of 50+ beings would have made it to the trip.And if that had to be, I swear to lord, all of us at the committee would have quit living and retired to the Himalayas by now.

2-No wonder a certain Phunsuk Wangdu is the only academic achievement of the North.I mean how on Earth can one manage to study in such a pleasant climate?

3-Photography, apart from Sex obviously seems to be every human’s supreme purpose of life.People spend more time in Photographing than actually living the place.I can bet my life on it.Also the typical poses(Chin-Supported-on hand-types), I reckon, is here to stay for as long as Christianity exists.

4-SE Electrical is hopelessly Nice.Have absolutely no dramatic tales to speak of them.Well behaved buggers.

5-I have an interesting proposal for all business minded North-Indians settled in Bombay.Starting a Gola business in Manali ain’t a bad option after all.Boundless stalk of already grated ice.Less labour.

6-As much people in Manali as much is the population of Chakala alone.

7-Punjabis actually have that accent.

8-No one on Planet Earth or Pandora can make Foul language sound as cool as Punjabis.

9-I can now empathize with Pranav Rajgopal.5 Layers of clothing was horrible.Imagine what 5 layers of fat can do?!

10-Snow fall is just like we saw it on Cartoon Network.And this time there were cartoons all around too.

11-Stuffing 11 committee members, each with a good appetite in the same room ain’t the best of ideas after all.

12-I simply can’t express the joy that overwhelmed me when I went on that alcohol raid.Even ACP Praduman from the prehistoric show CID would be a happy and proud man.

13-TC should never be used as an abbrev for ‘Take care’ anymore.At least not to an IEEE or CSI member.

14-No wonder they don’t have amusement parks there.Have you seen the way the Bus drivers drive?

15-And lastly..Ae Dil.. Hai Mushkil.. Jeena Yahaan..Zara Hatke..Zara Bachke..Yeh Hai Mumbai meri Jaan..

Please note.Credit for the the photographs below and many more to come in the future, solely belongs to the man they call Shreyans Mulkutkar.The man is also responsible for making me look decent enough in images which in itself deserves a Nobel recognition.


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School Chale Hum..

No matter how Friendly a soul one comes across in life, School friends remain a special breed.There is such innocence and kiddish charm in an assembly of school buddies irrespective of what age they meet at.No matter how much one changes and to what level one transforms, when with School buddies one is in his original elements.Purest form.So here is expressing gratitude to

Srikant Saratchandra: Considering our luck with girls, I guess we should end up marrying each other.

Darshan Ashar:We are married to each other.

Varun Nadkarni:’Mr Last-Minute-Busted-by-Mom-for-c2h50h’ ing’.Ha Ha!

Jasvin Sing Sethi: Sardar Paradigm.I still wonder what you were doing inside my dhoti.

Joseph Rodrigues:Sinbad the sailor ek jahaaz main jab chalaa mere yaar…

Aurrick D’Silva:Finally someone taller or is it?

Kapil Sharma: We Pukers owe you a lot.There are some tales you wouldn’t want to take back to Australia.

Mark Nathan:For once you weren’t ‘booked’.

Pratik Rao:I thought of writing wonderful things but then I was reminded that you are going to ‘Facebook’ the entire party.Go ahead Loser! 😛

Also Guest appearence:Vivek Pillai.

Thanks a lot for the Supreme start to the year.May god bless all of you with Super hot wives.

Also check this Song and its visuals.Lovely is the word.

PS:I am generally not very expressive but pardon myself for this post.Influence of a certain Ethyl Alcohol you see 😛

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