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Har Blog kuch kehta hai..

Blogs are beautiful.They speak.My not-very-important-yet existing-views on the wonderful Blog world around me.In order of Blogroll.Kindly sympathize with the hapless and dyslexic me in case I missed any.Also do not hesitate mentioning.

Abhishek Kedia

This particular one has really caught my very scatterbrained attention and is potential furore creating material.It reminds me of this wonderful piece of art quite cleverly named Gunda, an epic Indian movie that has quite deservingly achieved cult status in recent times and huge fans in me and my highly civilized group of friends.The movie boasts of supremely creative dialogues like ‘Naam hai Bulaa, Rakhta hoon hamesha Khulla’ (This one being the least explicit and the U/A category ones that could find place here.)

I quite strongly profess this one. ‘L*nd ki prarthna’, ‘Hawas ki pyaas’ & ‘Neeraj Maurya is a massive stupid fuck’ (Neeraj Maurya only being his subject teacher) being my favourite.

The soul also writes very serene stuff which is quite the seconadry reason for me liking his blog.Great going da!

A very Nice read 🙂

Ashmita Sengupta

Bong Blog! I like calling this.A very Rock N roll blog.Something striking about this one is that there is hardly any randomness.Almost every post is triggered.Music being the inspiration more often that not, so it somehow manages to take you into the mood of the writer.And yes I believe Ashmita Sengupta is a very nice name to have.(Nikita Shanbaug and Daksh Randheria still top the list of the coolest names though )

Brett Fernandes

I remember when I was in FE, Brett quite regularly came up with updates and probably my acquaintance with blogging happened then.Nice Randomness his blog has.It reads from football to comic strips to videos and some real strong personal rants.A very interesting read especially when I do not talk to the person so often and in detail.He should resume very soon.

Dimple Nangia

I can hear the writer literally speaking out while reading her posts.Same writing and speaking standard she has.An eclectic collection of quotes, Calvin N hobbes strips, Videos, Poems, some really interesting observations and an extremely nice habbit of regular updates makes this blog one of the nicest reads around.

Foram Tambawala

Still in it’s infancy.Seems to be typical chirpy and smiley Foram blog :).Hope to see more and regular reads from her.Cheers!

Harshad Deshpande

GS Saheb has a very nice and simple blog which makes it a very pleasant read.One doesn’t really have to exercise much.His writing truly symbolizes what I think of the general Marathi Manoos.Supremely Simple.Real Fun.Hassle free.Not highly anmbitious and very rightly so.What in mind is out too, although he can’t really afford to do that at this point of his life.How we wish he could :P.

Busy fellow should resume soon.

PS:Is the only Third Year blog-spot blogger I guess.

Chinmay Kamat

A veteran.Highly controlled, responsible and supreme blogging.He has this very acute sense of understanding which quite bolsters his creativity.Also has a very intersting life to rant about.

The writer has a domain name quite pompously named after him to his claim and is desperately seeking a 2 letter domain.I hope he ends up getting one eventually as long as it doesn’t hamper his writing.Cheers da!

Kirti Khopkar

The blog is exactly what the peron is about.A very empathizing and filled with ‘This is so much what I think ‘ posts.Very interactive.Some really great poems and fiction pieces there.

Pranav Rajgopal (Pofama)

For those unaware, I have created what I believe has the potential of becoming the ‘Brand of the decade’.Pofama: Perinially Offended FAt MAn.

Filled with such exhilaration when the name arises.I am contemplating starting a new blog which will solely be dedicated to the cause of Pofama.Pofama’s blog is so much like the writer.So wonderfully clumsy.Almost a year into existence, the blog roll still remains incomplete with WordPress.org and WordPress.com still finding mention in it(The Founders will be really proud).What strikes you  immediately about this indolent beauty is that, the first post came on the 9th of March 2009 and the third post which quite fortunately happens to be his last, came on the 14th of February 2010 which incidently happened to be Valentines day(Probably he realized his blog is the only thing could even remotely claim to be his valentine).

As long as MTV remains everything but a music channel my Blog shall be flooded with you, my brother.

On a slightly more serious note the bugger should take up blogging more seriously and as Pratap put it, the War of Blogs between us should continue.(Considering the mutual loathe we share, that should be motive enough for you to take up blogging seriously)

Pratap Kaul

Legend.Padma Vibhushan of Blogging world for sure.If at all I were to start a blogger awards, I would certainly have a Pratap Kaul award or even a life time achievement award named after him.He shouldn’t be surprised if people came up with ‘Main aapka blog padhke bada hua hoon’ type lines et all.

Preeti Ramaraj

A very ‘Nicey Nice’ blog.Started off as this ‘Rambling of an Engineer’ blog and is now slowly growing into this personal space.Again, has a very nice habbit of regularly writing.Can get you reminiscing.Good going di!

Rahul Goswami

With a blog title like ‘Love you life’ and liferocks in your link name you know you are in for a very joyful read.A very expressive blog and makes some really pleasant read.

Rishkul Kulkarni

A beauty this one.Perfectly quite otherwise in real and brilliantly vocal in his blog.Posseses the most supreme writing skills.I will some day start an annanymous publishing house and get an autographed book by him.Top Gun.

Rohit Ajitkumar

Have very recently started reading him and quite habitually now.Probably the most regular and assorted writer around.I bet every one has something to follow in his blog.Also has some great references to provide.Quite a legend actually.

Ruchita Raut

Very recently started.She should make quite an interesting writer.Looking forward to a lot of reads from her.

Shilpa Sreekrishnan

Again very expressive it is.She really makes some amusing reads.Only if she got off the Pofama syndrome too.Please resume writing di.

Shraddha Shah

Frankly speaking I am yet to catch up with this one on a regular basis.Her presence lower down the order in my Blog roll and WordPress’ inability to update about others updates among many others to be blamed partly.The writer is quite an adventurous person and has artistic inclinations.Things pretty much I can relate to.Extremely Sorry ma’am.Big time amends promised.

Sinan Kadavat

The most eccentric blogger I have ever come across.Actually, the most eccentric person I have ever come across.I have this penchant for eccentric minds.Why he decided to delete all those extremely wonderful pieces of literary art still remains of the biggest mysteries of our time.God bless you da!Cheers!

Srinath Warrier

Again, quite unfair it would be to pass judgement.I haven’t read much.’Forever TE’ phenomenon ( A Kamat creation) doesn’t really permit a lot of reads.But feels real great to see so many prospects among juniors too.Great going, people!

Sumiran Shah

This guy is Rishkulisque.Nicely quite otherwise and wonderfully expressive in his rants.He makes some really interesting reads.Trust me.It should grow into one real good blog.

Tanush Parihar

I have this nice sense of creative understanding with him and also a sense of admiration for his creative work.Regular updates should be a treat.Please take note.

Varun Nadkarni

Quite an arousing link name he has.Update kiya karo bhaijaan!

Yugandhar Garde

Veteran.I guess there is something about quite people making nice writers.Quite an assorted blog.Poems.Pictures.Fables.Also has quite a nicely decorated blog.While reading, I’m doing the staring for once.

Thats about it.Hum bolega toh bologe ki bolta hai..

Thanks for the complex that you all induce.Cheers!


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Whats in a hair?

For quite some time now I have been subject of social ridicule and just like I find the concept of 12’o clock Birthday wishes, I find such display of disdain atrocious too.I mean, how much of a concern can a lanky, vile and absolutely good for nothing soul and his equally inconsequential  hair be?What on earth happened to Global Warming, Obama’s nostril hair and all other grave issues?

I’l tell you what we need to indeed worry about.

1-Kim Kardashian not coming up with any home video off late.

2-Facebook  apparently ‘changing’ its look once again.

3-Some million Africans and Indians dying every year due to lack of food.

4-Consider Pranav Rajgopal’s role in the above.

5-Pranav Rajgopal himself.

6-Me losing my Ray-Ban and being offered false sympathies in quizzes.

7-People having had 30,000 tweets and to still claiming to have a life.

8-The iPhone not being made free for the sake of humanity.

9-People still reading this abominable blog.

10-Why Avatar dint manage a single nomination this Filmfare awards.

“Why do you wish to look like this ?”.Very intellectual question to be subjected to I must say.And a very dunce like answer I have.

“Why not look like this ?” “Why do I need to look good ?”  “Why do I even need to look not-bad ?”

I have absolutely no interest in looking like a certain Vijeta certified pretty.I am quite content to be in the ugly category which I quite honourably share with Mr Rishkul Kulkarni.

One needs to understand that after these 2 hopefully final years of Engineering is done with, I have absolutely no hope of ‘experimenting’ with facial hair and the one on my scalp.That is unless my boss decides to post me as a clerk or something.It has been a childhood ambition to have long locks, which for a while, was dashed after Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni came up with some weird looking hair like structure on his head.

So now that I finally managed to go against all prejudices of the society and that of South-Indian parents which quite immediately deserves humanitarian recognition, let me savour this moment of realization.

As a certain Sheikh Spear said:

“Whats in a hair ?”

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