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Ghanta Unnati..

Just when I thought India TV was the only reason that makes me wonder what a grand mess the world is in, I came across this highly amusing picture on an even supreme popular social networking site whose name I wouldn’t bother mentioning.This very sophisticated organization, quite imaginatively named ‘Unnati Classes‘,  has quite a revolutionary marketing strategy.Let us have a look at this path breaking ad before we can deliberate any further.

During all my childhood (which is still lasting and probably the longest childhood ever), parents used their bright child’s school results only to begrudge neighbors, whose child was relatively less bright.But with this beauty on top, my childhood is being questioned.Never before have I ever witnessed std 3 results being used with such glory.

Let me tell you what my crystal ball had to tell of these commodities’ future:

Row-wise from left..

1-Nikheel : Nikheel with a ‘ee’, quite innocently made the mistake of his life.The kid will now grow up not knowing what Commerce or Art means.Parents will have a tough choice to make between making him a doctor and an Engineer.They shall then try a white coat coat on him and conclude it suits him.And then we have Dr Nikheel in the making.

2-Ashish:Leave alone white coat, his parents are quite convinced there is nothing that will suit their ugly minor.They decide on an equally ugly field for him-Engineering.

3-Sahil: They say standing 2nd is the worst that can happen to anyone.With a troubled childhood already, Sahil will clearly grow up to become a Swinburn.

4-Sunny Yadav:A bhaiyya in convent school.Present screwed.Bhaiyya in Maharashtra.Future screwed.

5-Rakesh Talesha:I reserve my comments on him.He does not seem to be the kind I want to confront when I am 60.

6-Dhruv and Jatin will fight all their life over Priya.Their percentages drop in the preocess and they end up teaching at ‘Unnati Classes’ where Priya will play a receptionist.

7-Renita is a  catholic.She gets freedom of choice.She decides to throw it up.Ends up as an Air-hostess.

8-Abhishek:If you notice, Abhishek is looking elsewhere and completely forgot he was there to be photographed.Attention span of a mosquito.Potential neta material who conveniently forget promises.

9-Hrithik Roshan:With a name like that there is little chance he can escape from the typical bullies in school and college.Just hope God didn’t grant him 6 fingers.

Haven’t felt more sympathetic ever.This classes should be banned.Also, like they have advertising restrictions on builders, liquor and doctors, using std 3 kids (who should ideally be busy watching English cartoons atrociously dubbed into hindi) in such filthy campaign should face a big ban too.

To all Pradeep sirs, Sincere Request, Please stop this..


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