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Amongst the various prejudices I have to confront in this very elusive concept called society, one that I always found to be the most inconsequential is that about my weight.I now use this public forum (which, by the way has found yet another additional reader in my mouse pad) to come clean on this highly and quite literally ‘delicate’ topic.

1-I am almost thrice as tall as the worlds shortest man and 1/102 the weight of Pranav ‘pofama’ Rajgopal.This, in numbers comes up to a height of 6’2 ish and a weight of 60 Kilos.

2-What the numbers tell you is, that I am at least a nice 15 kilos underweight.A standard that a few good westerners decided upon, not considering Vegetarian Indians like me.

3-What they do not tell you is that in spite of failing to be qualified as ‘healthy’, the body has seldom fallen sick.Very Seldom, note that.

4-The body can eat twice as much Junk which includes a glorious Roadside menu of Rs 5/-  Egg omelette,  Rs 6/- Mango Milkshake,  Rs 10/- Panipuri and even a simple plate of nicely sliced Cucumber and Boiled potato from the friendly Sandwich wallah. Not to forget the sweat and the tasteful filth that comes along.All this with a clean Doctor- visits record.

5-I understand with a body like mine, finding a girl will be as humongous a task as Obama finding his almost namesake.I have quite gracefully accepted this reality.

Now coming back to my point of contention.

Do we realize that the concept of ‘Size Zero’ is probably the biggest scam of the decade?Every girl wanted a ‘Size Zero’.They guys complained.They wanted mass in their partners.The guys in return hit the gym.Some wanted to gain, Some wanted to lose.The winner though was clear.Gym owners, Gym trainers and Gym equipment manufacturers most of which belonged to the west.A brilliant concept earned them Trillions.

My respect for the west is for their sheer marketing skills.To bolster my point, let us consider this particular case study.We have for long grown up to the maxim ‘An apple a day keeps a doctor away‘.Little do we realize, that an Apple has probably lesser nutritional value than most of the other fruits.An Amla for that matter has 6 times the nutrition.But never will we see ‘An Amla prevents your body from any Hamla‘ as a part of our text books.Simply because an Apple primarily grows in the Europe and the USA who are far better at story telling than Indians where an Amla grows in abundance.

There is absolutely no point in following a fad.Applying one’s own thought will do a world of good.

Remember, there is  no harm in staying thin unless you personally think otherwise and the Amla ain’t a bad option after all.If you are an Indian, here is some incentive.The Amla is half as cheap as the Apple.


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