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As IPL commissioners come, tweet,  go &  the world very obliviously propels ahead in time, the timeless beauty of mythology just doesn’t cease to amuse.As a third year ‘Compooter’ Engineering student, and a very futile one that,  I find the sheer relevance of mythology brilliantly clever.Gone is the time when my only reverence for our epic myths were for the endless supply of holidays they provided and of course the ‘Paysam’  that Amma made during poojas.

Whether an elephant headed god actually existed will never attract my thinking.What concerns me is the story the elephant headed god says.Every character, every anecdote,every ritual has a spectacular revealing tale to tell.Far more than what a Justin Bieber or a Slutsvilla  participant can ever tell.

The Hindu concept of Karma claims that a person is forever entangled in the cycle of re-births.This is until the mere purpose of his life, of his existence, is realized.Hence, the subject is born, reborn and born again till he decodes his existence.The day he demystifies his purpose of existence, he is enfranchised from the cycle of births.

In my very first year of Engineering, I was subjected to this two letter phenomenon which emanates dread to every engineer, inverse to it’s character length.They call it a KT.For all non-engineering souls reading this (Who I suggest should pat themselves in the back right away, have a cheese burst and smile proudly) , when an engineering candidate is at the receiving end of the examiner’s menopause  mood swing or is randomly marked absent for a paper  which incidentally turns out to be the *only* paper he was *actually* prepared for (As in the non-chit wala, non-dependant-on-the next-roll-no-wala, no-scribbling-on-calculator-wala preparation) , or in simple words, he Fails, he is granted a KT.And unless the mere purpose of the subject is understood, and the candidate manages to get thorough the examiners’ menopause, that is he manages to Pass the subject , he has to attempt the subject over and over again.Till he understands the subject, its purpose.And once the understanding comes, the cycle of KT’s for the given subject ends.

Two other supremely beautiful characters in hindu mythology are sisters Laxmi and Alaxmi.Laxmi being the goddess of wealth and riches.Alaxmi, the elder sister being the exact contrast, goddess of filth, poverty and misery.Where Laxmi travels, comes along Alaxmi.Laxmi and Alaxmi exist in oneness.Always.Never seperate.Laxmi very obviously being the more popular figure, more on Alaxmi here.

Now moving from Engineering to a more pleasant phase of my life.Std 8.Science-1.Newton’s third law.

“For every action, there exists an equal and opposite reaction”.Or in other words, “For every Laxmi, there exists an equal and opposite Alaxmi”

And if you look around, you will find man as well as nature’s obsession with the above mentioned understanding.

Every ‘Log in’ button has to have an equivalent ‘Log out’ button.Every birth has to have a corresponding death.For every BE batch that leaves, there is a filling FE batch.For every sun rise, there has to be a sun set.Practically every system around follows this gorgeous maxim.

And I personally believe, the day there comes a system that defies the maxim, the system like the theory itself suggests, could either be an astounding success or a terrible failure.

Now by the time I figure out what I just wrote, I leave you with a video which perfectly summarizes Newton’s third Law :”For every Laxmi, there exists an equal and opposite Alaxmi”.Cheers.


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