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Vishwa cup.

If I’d ever have to christen the current phase that our nation is in, I’d clearly call it the “Phase of futile Enlightenment”.For it is only now when people realize that:

1-The Ronaldo they had been hearing for long is no more the Brazilian they thought of and belongs to some nation called Portugal.

2-Oh yes!Portuguese!The very country that sent Vasco mama on an expedition  and consequently added at least a nice 20 chapters to our School history syllabus.

3-USA and England can have different forces for a world event.

4-There is something left in Japan for humans to do.Thank God for that.

5-Maradona is not a typo.He is not a singer.

And now the last and the most important one.

6-For how long will we let countries like Argentina enjoy support of a nation 25 times more populous than theirs?Its high time India makes it to the World Cup.

This very question irks me.A lot more than even people playing Falguni Pathak to full volume on Chinese phones inside B.E.S.T buses.This post will discuss the two  inconsequential yet most prevalent questions of our generation:

1-Will India ever make it to the FIFA World Cup?

2-Is Football better than Cricket?

Before I can discuss answers, it is important to discuss two counter questions here:

1-Why should India make it to the FIFA World Cup?

2-Is there indeed a ‘better’ game among the two most popular sports on this globe?

Why should India make it to the FIFA World Cup?

This situation is wonderfully analogous to another problem within our nation.The ‘Mera Beta Engineer Banega’ Syndrome.Every mother wants their son to become an Engineer.Every mother.This in spite of knowing that majority of the nation’s engineers have a fate exactly as that of Chetan Bhagat.Still.

The FIFA ambition also reeks of a desperate need for Global acceptance.Here, we must remind ourself of people we may have come across, who in spite of a highly satisfying middle class Nokia 1100 capacity, choose to buy a fruity smart phone at an EMI of their half monthly salary just for the sake of social display.Although the same money could be well spent on repairing broken furniture at home.

We need to realize that India not making it to the FIFA World Cup should feature at point number 94 in the list of ‘ Top 100 Issues that Democratic India needs to address’.If even 5 of the top 93 points are discussed even half as frequently as point 94, I offer to watch any Harman Baweja movie.As many times as told.

Without featuring in the FIFA World Cup, India and China are probably the two most talked about nation in the global circle in a lot more ways than we may be aware of.So be it.

Is there indeed a ‘better’ game among the two most popular sports on this globe?

Is an Electronics Engineer better or a Computer Engineer?Is Don Bradman better or Pele? If there is anything that triggered this entire post, it is a highly obnoxious comment I saw on Harshad Deshpande’s Facebook status.I’d anyday preferred to have  read Pg 3 Bombay Times over it.It read “Footbal>>>>>>>>>Cricket”.Which is a very engineering way of saying ,Football is far more better than cricket.Mr Khamba has a thing for you here.

To each his own.There can *never* be a ‘better’ sport.Football is beautiful.Do not turn it into a slut.Test Cricket is Supreme sport.Trust me.Harsha Bhogle once wonderfully said and I quote :

“Test Cricket and Golf are beautiful because they are the only two sports in the world that give you a second chance.No other sport does.”

There is Good Cricket.Bad Cricket.Good Football Bad football.

There are way too many problems that dodge this nation.Football certainly not one.Do not disrespect a game.Especially if it is your nation’s only hope at achieving any sporting supremacy.


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