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Me Ghanta Entrepreneur

Today has been a special day for:

1-I managed to carry not just the towel but also all other necessary garments to the bathroom before bathing  and not embarrassingly ask Amma for them just when I would need.

2-‘The Great Khali’ (If you notice, the man has a body of a Rhino and legs of a Chicken) entered the Big Boss house and gave Mr Salman Khan’s ego a puncture of his life.

3-It is not a Wednesday and I would not have to be subject of a certain female Professor’s words of disapproval.Also, I will take this opportunity and enlighten the reader about this very imaginative professor of mine.A very profound and dynamic lady of our time, I say. The woman has been dedicatedly teaching one book for 6 years now in the name of a subject which she very recently found out was called DSP/IP in short form (Just about another 10 years before she finds out the long form) .

4- I Hit Pranav ‘Pofama’ Rajgopal for 3 homeruns. Now when an Engineering student talks about scoring Goals, centuries or homeruns it is assumed that it can only be in a virtual environment for he renounces all forms of outdoor sports, happiness or joy very early in his life.

What makes it even more special is the fact that today is Dushera, the Hindu festival, and a very unusual one for me this time around. Tamil Brahmins generally conduct the Saraswati Poojai on the day of Dushera to pay respect to the Goddess of Knowledge.As a part of the ritual, we worship books of our choice and towards the end of it, are required to read an extract from the books we appropriately chose to worship.Now for all my initial growing I quite innocently chose my Science or Maths Textbooks not realizing the consequences of these subjects on my future.However to much of my Tamil mom’s surprise, a very unusual book made it to my choice this time around.

The book being her son’s idol, Sir Richard Branson’s Autobiography-Losing my Virginity which happens to be amongst the most celebrated entrepreneurial stories.I spent roughly about 90 seconds explaining her how the title had absolutely nothing to do with the content of the book and that I had no other book I could immediately get my hand on.Having accepted the tender mental health of her son, the doting mother conceded.

This was a despairing attempt from a want to be entrepreneur. I repeat, a want to be entrepreneur. Contrary to popular assumptions I am not an Entrepreneur yet and this I say with not even traces of modesty but with a lot of gumption.Amongst the various traits of an entrepreneur that I lack , the one that primarily makes me make the above judgement is the lack of self declaration.

The difference between a want to be Entrepreneur and an Entrepreneur is exactly that of between a boy who loves a girl and a boy who declares his love to the girl.

Entrepreneurship is a full time job.The day I decide to (And I wish the day comes very soon) take up the job in entirety, will I be comfortable being called that.Until then Mommy dear can live a happy life.

PS: The writer realizes that his writing skills have further degraded after the hiatus he is now unfortunately back from.He insists that his readers show little patience and continue reading this space.


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