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Yesterday Morning’s Newspaper session filled me with utmost dejection.If one is of the opinion that Japan’s time of trial is the cause, one is mistaken.I am sure the country’s legendary resolve and ceaseless diligence can easily do without world sympathy.

A recent happening back in India and pertaining more specifically to my part of the world in the state of Maharashtra is a matter of grave concern and I believe requires immediate attention.

The Maharashtra State Board Examinations are around the corner.For those unaware, the Examinations are the 2nd biggest exercise in the state.The results for the same  being the biggest.The event which ideally should include just a single character in the appearing candidate, involves a whole lot of people ranging from the child’s parents and their aunts, the neighbour who’s child appeared for the very examination the year before and has been secretly conducting morning prayers to ensure their child’s score remains unbeaten, a distant sadistic cousin who hopes you score well and end up taking science and consequently Engineering just like he to his utmost regret did, the coaching class who can have your most embarrassing photograph put up on huge hoardings on the street claiming complete credit for your results and of course like everything Indian, politicians have their share of involvement too with political parties conducting felicitation programs much to the surprise and puzzlement of the little aware and innocent felicitated students.

Does the Board Examinations have any major holding on the soul’s future ? Certainly not.The Examination results are much a tool of social display and holding than anything else.Just like the Great Indian wedding.

The article that really triggered this entire post read that parents and teachers are coercing their kids to under-perform in the subject of Mathematics simply because scoring a perfect 100 will see the particular paper going through another round of correction called as the ‘Moderation’ wherein the candidate’s paper is strictly reviewed and cut down by a mark or two or perhaps a little more.

A 15 year old kid who perhaps at the existing stage of his life has to be given a strong lesson on work ethics and morals to take himself ahead independently is being asked to under-perform by the very people he perhaps idolizes the most.

Will I be surprised to find the kid embroiled in a 200000 crore scam ahead in his growing?Will I be surprised to find the Kid involved in a humiliating match-fixing scandal?

The Answer as obvious as the colour of my skin.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has the greatest work ethics of his generation perhaps because he failed in his Board Examination.


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Hello Sir Rickshaw,


A very conscious attempt being made here to drop the middle class sobriquet ‘Walahs’ for reasons morethan certain.Just like the Sania-Shoaib wedding expenditure weighed a little lesser than the latter’scountry’s total economic worth, your fare hike makes me wonder if gold and real estate are the only things really worth investing on.*Gujrati part of South Indian brain glees at the business prospect ofRickshaw voucher now*Also your whimsical behaviour makes me draw comparisons here.And quite strangely the parallels I draw are from my own Engineering world.Do you know when you outright deny me a ride even at theremotest mention of the word ’Station’, I am very strangely reminded of my drawing teacher back inSemester 2 who very nonchalantly refused signing my journal a day before submissions until I re-drewjust about 3 drawing sheets all over again. And like every other resilient Mumbaikar/Engineer, I am/wasforced to accept my fate. Also, the expression that graces your face on me asking for a benevolent fullypaid lift to Powai is ‘MasterCard Priceless’. Simply because it gives me a fair idea of how I might haveappeared to the External faculty when he bade me farewell with a ‘See you again, next year’.

Talking about whims, your intellect also reminds me of another whimsical species, film celebreties.I amabsolutely awestruck when you retort with a smart ‘Traffic bahut hai’ when asked as to what stops youfrom leaving me home.Darling, you must realize that irrespective of the traffic, our parents expect ushome and the government dear classifies you as public transport, which means you are meant to helpmiddle class junta who cannot afford a vehicle (not to forget liquid gold they call Petrol) reach homewhere waiting parents/wives will speculate all day as to why their kid/Husbands reach home a nice 2hour 45 mins than it should ideally take.Here I am tempted to start writing another open letter to Aniluncle on his metro work.I will resist and not digress.

Sir Rickshaw, please return.This is your only chance.It is said by 2012, the city’s population will close todouble which means alomost all roads are to disappear from this city and they will only be people.All isforgotten.We will accept you with the Rakhi Sawant Poster on the backseat and also Mr Reshammiya’s music.

Adhitya Iyer.

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