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There is something about Mary and a lot more about the title than to Sexual overtones.Loud & Brassy it may be, but very true and actual.No, the trauma called Viva has not left no damage on me and this one written in sound mind.I just do Not want to be a Prostitute.

A very elite bunch of ambitious Engineers surround me.Highly ambitious, I must add.It is pretty enticing to see people already discussing American Universities when I still Can’t think beyond Chakala and just when you hear peers discussing how they intend to spend life at IIM Ahmedabad, you wonder if you have any beyond Andheri.You know how uncertain your future is when you are 3 years into Computer Engineering and you’ve managed to put your hand on everything , Right from making Short-Films to making and Selling T-shirts but actual Programming!.The only program I can claim credit for is the ‘Bollywood Game’ program that I made Last Semester .And this only Sincere effort was wonderfully riposted by reprimanding me, for the program was done during Practicals and it wasn’t a part of the list of programs I was supposed to do.It is even more disturbing when you have South-Indian parents back who like every other South parent wants the son to go to office regularly with nothing less than Rs 50,000/- Salary.Such is the Tragic called me.

You know you are half way through in life when you know what’ You Don’t have to do’.The other half Completes when you realize ‘What to do’.Awaiting an answer from within and ineffectively so, I resorted to Near-Dears’ and ‘Not so Near-Dears’ alike.Splendid response to say the least.The answers range from a Straight ‘You want to do something?’ to an indifferent ‘Why don’t you kill yourself?”.However the handful few who actually bothered giving an earnest opinion, had all incidentally Zeroed down on one unanimous Answer: Advertising/’Philum Industry’ which boils down into one general term:The Creative Industry.

It is this proposition of theirs that made me feel like a Prostitute.Now for those who have got an IQ close to mine.I explain in words you’d want to understand:

Love-Making is Wonderful.You Love Doing it.I bet you do.You better do.

Now what if you were paid to do love?Or even worse.What if you were forced to make love?

Bad.Super Bad.

Ditto with my ‘Creativity’.

Making Short-Films/Ads and doing things alike is something that I love doing.There is no way I will get paid for doing it and not feel disgusted about myself.I just can’t force myself into working for an assigned project by my boss irrespective of me feeling for the project.And moreover making money out of something you genuinely Love is a bad economic decision as well because in matters of finance, the mind plays an important role and the slightest of involvement of the heart can prove disastrous. I’d rather continue making videos and upload them on Youtube(So what if takes me 3 hrs 24 min 55 sec to do so, Courtesy my Super cool Tata Indicom 5 bytes/sec Internet speed.)

Never Become a Prostitute.Remain a Virgin Instead

PS:Severe apologies to my dear blog which was breathing it’s last until this post happened.And to my loyal readers which includes:My 10 years Neighbor whom I bribe with a Cadbury Éclair for every 5 lines he reads.Peace.



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