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The Reality Show judges aren’t the only one judging.We love gauging too.So what is it that helps us  form opinions on one?

Ones phone ?

Nail polish color ?

Skin color ? 😛 😛

Choice of Movies/Music ?

Marks ? (Bhala tumhare ‘Number’ mere ‘Number’ se zyadaa kaise? I love it when people prefer calling marks as ‘Number’)

One trait that probably everyone cosiders, is ones vocabulary.It does matter how well the person speaks.Not as much the Language he speaks.Personally I’m enamored by a soul who has a good command over whatever he speaks.And I have Great respect for Good orators.A very few exist and unfortunately though.The power of language is grossly under-rated.

Raj Thackeray’s success in the recently conducted Elections owes a lot to the man’s Speaking prowess.Not very long ago I remember this bunch of my class mates sitting after college and viewing one of his speeches on the laptop.And attentively too.Its very rare for a politician’s speech to make to CD’s and being sold at Andheri station to wanting buyers and even making to Cell phone Ringtones.

And I end with what I believe is the best use one has ever put one’s Speaking ability to.The couple that Gate-Crashed into the Worlds most secure place for ‘The Party’ owe it to, and I quote ” Smooth Talk”.

Talk N Talk.



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